Remington Road Closed for 60 days!

Remington Road will be closed in between Loveland Madeira and Montgomery Road and does not effect our main intersection.

This week when the signs suddenly said that Remington Road would BE CLOSED for 60 Days, it was a huge UNWELCOME Surprise to all of us! We know this is going to put a lot of stress and strain on our customers and WE WILL DO ANYTHING to be helpful and get through this inconvenience!
We have been through road closures here multiple times over the years, and it does make it that much more difficult to drop off and pick your furry friends to us…

Starting Monday:

  • Go Fetch will OPEN at 6:00AM (Instead of 6:30AM)
  • A Go Fetch Staff Member will stay until 7:30PM (If Needed)
  • Express Drop-off (Hand us the dog and we’ll sign you in…)

We greatly apologize for this inconvenience and hope that we can make it a little easier to get to and from our facility in order to keep everyone on their normal routines… They are saying that Remington will be CLOSED for 60 days starting MONDAY OCTOBER 14th and lasting until DECEMBER 15th. Below are some other route options that in our experience are the best routes depending on where you are heading to or coming from…

If you are going from Go Fetch to Montgomery Rd, use this route left on Loveland Madeira and up Spooky Hollow to Cooper. It’s 2.2 Miles, but of course will have heavier than normal traffic without Remington Open.

Google Maps link here

This is the best back roads route to the northern Montgomery Road area, Bethesda North Hospital, etc. This route is best used when there is major congestion on 275 and Loveland Madeira. It is 4.8 Miles without traffic. Many people use this route in a pinch.

Google Maps link here