My dog Chopper loves going

My dog Chopper loves going to Go Fetch. He’s an active and very social pup that needs lots of exercise or he gets into trouble. We don’t have a fenced yard and work during the day making it hard to get him out enough during the week days. He loves playing with all his friends all day and comes home tired. It’s a win-win for all. He gets exercise and has a fun time and he stays out of trouble at home. Everyone at Go Fetch is friendly and you can tell they genuinely love the dogs and take great care of them. Every morning that I take Chopper in I can barely get him off the leash before he’s running down the hall to go in and greet all the other dogs. The 10 Visit Package is a great deal for 2-3 days a week. I highly recommend Go-Fetch for boarding and doggie daycare.

Judy Quillen

Monthly Pass

I have been dropping my dogs off at Go Fetch since Matt started the business, when he had only daycare, no boarding. 15 years later, I started taking advantage of the monthly pass. Historically I hadn’t dropped the girls off much, since I have a fenced in yard; however, having the ability to drop them off daily has been great for me and the dogs. It’s been a wet winter and probably will be a wet spring, so the house has stayed cleaner without the dogs running around in & out all day. Also, I’ve had contractors here off and on for over a month and you all know what that does to our dogs. They get more exercise at Daycare as they typically just sleep all day except when I make them go out. On the weekends I now understand what I used to put my mother through when I was a kid. I’d look at her with that “I’m bored” look at expect her to find something interesting for me to do. Well, the dogs do the same. NOW, with a monthly pass, I can take them to Go Fetch on the weekends, if need be, which I could never do before the Monthly Pass. As for the cost, if you do the math, it’s cheaper, granted I probably wouldn’t have taken the dogs there as often as I do without the Pass, but it’s turned out to be more than worth it. Also, I’ll get a discount on boarding, because I purchase the Monthly Pass. Win-Win!!

Debbie Huffman

I recently moved up from

I recently moved up from Florida (where Rhino was attending day care 3 days a week) I was worried about finding a dog day care that I could afford for my dog Rhino since he would need to attend 5 days a week while I worked. My dog Rhino has only been attending Go Fetch for about 2 weeks and he loves it. He waits at the door of my house every morning anxious to get in the car and go and when we drive up to Go Fetch he starts getting excited. He plays all day so he comes home tired which prevents him from getting into trouble. Get place not to mention the great monthly membership rate which includes day care… I will use them for boarding as well..

Recommend: Yes



My two dogs absolutely love going to Go Fetch. In the mornings when I put on my shoes they keep following me around and looking at the door. When they come home they want to sleep and eat. I think the pack mentality that is practiced is good for the dogs. Matt and the girls really do a good job of watching over the dogs and correcting them when they get out hand. I highly recommend GO-FETCH.


Titey loves coming to Go Fetch. He greets his friends with a howling session in the morning, and he is ALWAYS tired when he gets home. The team at Go Fetch seems to genuinely care about my dog’s experience and well being.


For over 4 years, my two Labrador Retrievers attended Go Fetch daycare every weekday. They also boarded there for extended periods many times. Unfortunately, we had to move away from Cincinnati for work. Since then, we have tried 5 or 6 other puppy daycares in Washington and Illinois. We have never found one as interested in our dogs’ physical health, psychological health, and safety as Go Fetch…even at twice the price, literally!


Whether its for the day or staying for 3 weeks
I know that my “khaki pants” is in the best
of hands.
We’ve been coming to Matt’s since 2006
and always been very pleased.
The only place my girl goes for hair n nails.
Thanks Matt n The Girls


My 2 dogs, Kaci & Winston are always happy to go to doggie daycare! I’m sure they are 2 of the smallest dogs at Go Fetch and as far as I know there has never been any problems with the larger dogs. That’s probably because my 2 think they are just as BIG as the rest of them.

They are always pooped )no pun intended) by the time they come home.

Matt and the staff are great and really care about all the dogs at Go Fetch. I absolutely recommend Go Fetch!


My dog Louie has been attending Go Fetch since the year it opened. He is now 12 1/2 and still loves going. We now have a 2 year old that has attended since he was 12 weeks old. The importance of socializing your dog early could not be more important. Matt and his employees ensure the well being of all the dogs and through the years I have never questioned the safety of the facility.

Just ask my dogs…Do you want to go to daycare and they head for the door!


Our dog, Daryl, goes to Go Fetch whenever we are traveling. So he is not a “regular”. I am always amazed and pleased when Daryl walks in the door and they know him by name. The staff always makes some comment about Daryl that lets me know that they know my dog and care about him even if it has been awhile since they last saw him.


I’ve been taking my dog to Go Fetch for the past eight years and it has been an instrumental part of her life. Everyday I come down stairs, she stares at me then the door wondering if today is the day she gets to go to daycare. Matt and team have done a wonderful job installing the pack mentatility and helping make my dog a very happy dog.


My dogs love “Go Fetch” days. Matt always takes extra time to keep an eye on Indy , our old collie.
This makes me feel good when I leave.

Both our dogs always come home happy and healthy after their time at “Go Fetch”. I would highly
refer friends to “Go Fetch”. :)


Go Fetch Services is absolutely the best dog daycare/boarding I have ever used. The staff is friendly, I know that my dog is taken care of, and the prices are very reasonable. My pup is always so happy when we pull up to the building because he knows its about to be a fun filled day. I started taking my pup here when he was very young and it’s a great way to socialize young dogs.
Thanks so much Matt!


We take our two dogs, Mary and Toby to see Matt and the crew at Go Fetch multiple days a week. The environment is very safe for our dogs and helps them socialize and get tons of exercise. It’s their second home! I love seeing them jump and bark when I ask if they want to “Go Fetch”.

When they come home, all they want to do is lay around.

We also board them when going on vacations. It makes the trips more relaxing knowing the dogs are being cared for by such a compotent team led by Matt. He is a true dog trainer and is an expert in dog psychology.


I have taken my dog since he was only 5 months old, he is now 4. He gets so excited when he figures out where we are going and I get a tired dog back. ��
My friend house sits when we are gone and since she works full time she takes and picks him up each day. Great service, great staff.
We do dog therapy work and the baths are great, we always get compliments on smelling and feeling great.


The staff at Go Fetch is Phenomenal. We could not have asked for a better group of people to take care of our 2 dogs during the day or when we need boarding. Every time we take the dogs for the day they come back absolutely worn out. They walk in and just go sleep. Matt the owner is fantastic and truly loves animals and i can trust him and his staff with the dogs we will always have.

Thanks Matt and Staff

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