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Conveniently located in North East Cincinnati. Go Fetch has been proudly & successfully serving the Symmes Twp., Montgomery & Loveland area since 2002. Being one of the very first premium "open play" dog facilities in the greater Cincinnati area, we have unmatched experience!

Go Fetch Offers:

  • All Day Play Daycare(not just short "playtimes")
  • Overnight Boarding in our custom cozy cabins
  • All Day Play included in ALL our boarding prices!
  • Custom Care for Elderly or Special Needs Pets
  • 4,000sqft. Completely Free Roaming Playarea
  • 1/4 Acre Constant Access Outside Playarea
  • Expert Bathing & Complete Grooming Services
  • Year Around Climate Control(Never to Hot or Cold)
  • Prices based on Value and Common Sense!

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About Us

Go Fetch Services (Originally simply named Puppy Daycare) was opened in 2002 by Matt Ramsey, a former IT Professional in Cincinnati. Matt Ramsey opened Go Fetch after not being able to resist his love for taking great care of dogs stems back to his childhood. The Go Fetch philosophy is a product of Mr. Ramsey's own set of priorities and goals for providing the right care of the pets in our care. Our goals are to keep everyone SAFE first and foremost, stress free and happy and WELL SOCIALIZED and EXERCISED!


Providing Services in Symmes Township, Ohio